Saturday, July 21, 2007

What's missing in my life? (A day without greens)

Had a good morning--woke feeling great, energized, peaceful, relaxed... then I found myself increasingly lost as the day rolled on, and looking back, I think it's because I missed my daily greens! (So much nicer than daily bread!) :). I continue to be amazed and delighted with how much energy they provide! (My husband consumes alot of chlorella and spirulina these days, and swears by that same effect from those superfood greens--I agree!). Went with my family to a work picnic where friends thoughtfully prepared raw and vegan items for us to enjoy. Had a few stray bites of non-raw grains in the asian salad and a bite of chip to try a beautiful salsa prepared with a neighbor's organic tomatoes;  I would have preferred to avoid those but felt happy to be open and not obsessive about being raw. I saw a wonderful blog entry on Heidi and Justin's site about the opportunity to not be fanatic about the occasional bite of non-raw food--we're still raw foodists in action and intention, and for me it resonates that a raw/living foods diet would also be in line with a perspective on life that promotes the healing of the earth and what feels most loving. (ie gratitude for that great food and the desire not to waste or reject a loving gift)!

Since I missed my smoothie today--I included a picture of a nice one from yesterday.
(You can never go wrong with the combination of strawberry, banana and greens!).
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