Friday, June 29, 2007

Raw Spirit

I realize it's easy to become addicted to the "high" of eating raw, just like the bliss of meditation or transformative experiences like the feelings you have during sweatlodge or time deep in nature. I've felt so connected but see that when I don't feel that way, that I still have the same challenge of not becoming more unconscious. Eating raw feels like a wonderful tool, but the diet itself cannot become an obsession or it defeats the purpose. Perhaps that is what I've been feeling. Also been eating less greens and live foods in favor of nut milks, smoothies and creamy raw soups. I think they are amazing, and happy they help with weight gain, but see that this is also about light, energy and intention (not to mention expectation), so I need to check all of those and be more mindful.

Yummy Broccoli Soup from Alyssa Cohen's book (basically almonds, honey or agave, broccoli, avocado, onion and garlic powder, sea salt and cumin).

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Life at the River Sanctuary

This is where we live and we love to share it for potlucks, drum circles, meditation, hugs!

Raw Ananda

Ananda is a sanskrit word for bliss--such a beautiful word for a feeling I feel more and more on my raw diet. It is such a gift to have barriers removed to seeing how beautiful nature is and to increasingly feel such love, compassion and gentleness for the humans around me! The raw diet is a recipe for bliss, and I'm so glad to have the desire to be on it for that reason, as well as the profound impact on health mentioned by so many. The experience has so many consistencies in people's experience of it that it's hard not to be open to the fact that it is for real, not a fad.