Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Blessed community

I feel so blessed to have so many loving teachers and friends in my life. It is a tremendous gift to live in a time when there are so many beings working together to create peace and love on the planet, (as a dear friend, Lara, says so beautifully). I had a lovely experience of "fruit euphoria"--feeling so peaceful, happy and contented after eating delicious bananas, a gift of blackberries with agave and organic cherries.  (I've mentioned cherries often recently and am joyful to eat seasonally while they are available.  I feel fantastic whenever I eat them so I googled nutrient info on them: they contain a lot of potassium and are actually a food-source of melatonin.  They are also good for reducing pain and inflammation associated with gout.  Go raw!).  Spoke by phone to a dear friend who had joined us last evening and slept under the stars in her tent; I felt so loved and connected speaking to her and looking up the at the amazing cathedral created by the sycamore trees out in the backyard--such immense treasures for our comfort and happiness.  I love to wake up in the morning with all of them here (human friends, tree friends and all of the life that shares the river bank), the energy so light and clear....

More wonderful raw food posts all over the web--my favorites are the ones that remind us of our nature as beautiful, precious, loving beings remembering who we are, why we are here and extending love and light to those we meet. (Practicing one day to remember to do so all of the time and for the most challenging of all, sometimes, our families and closest loved ones).

Here are two wonderful blog posts that explore our true nature through the support of a living foods diet, among other practices:
Raw Reform E-Journal
(for anyone who hasn't yet found her site, I'm so happy to pass it on, and for everyone who knows her, to remind you to stop back for more wonderful adventures).

I continue to be so grateful for Shell's Raw Blog too--the posts are so beautiful and light... (pic of lovely blue borage flower from her site).

Some more pictures for you:

a yummy salad with alfalfa sprouts grown in a mason jar with cheesecloth--so easy and fun to do--you should try it!

a flower for you, Buddha to be...
beautiful sunflowers love the riverbank--
Danielsun's favorite flower, too :)

Hope you are experiencing many moments of peace and joy in the present moment... 

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