Sunday, July 22, 2007

sweet, peaceful day

Had a lovely day--woke up tired but got up at 9am after going to bed at 4am!! (Working on the blog and website all night after indulging in some chocolate :0  There's my Shared Secret--2 vices I am still challenged with!). Felt like I was dragging this morning (almost like a hangover!), but took a nice walk in the trees and then worked out. Felt calm and good, not very hungry today. The day flowed by gently--I weeded the wineberry bushes at my father-in-law's next door, watched my son and nephews, spent alot of time outside. My mother-in-law had beautiful leftover (vegan) homemade burritos and zucchini chocolate cake and I enjoyed looking at them and didn't feel too tempted--felt happy they were enjoying them.

Started the day off well with a smoothie (lactino kale, banana, blueberry, strawberry), then had delicious organci cherries out back looking over the river.  I feel so drawn to be outside, especially when I'm eating--it just feels so natural and light to be connected to the energy there and part of it all.  Later on had delicious organic avocado with fresh lemon, garlic powder, sea salt/pepper (a favorite quick snack) and cabbage salad (delicious with just shredded carrot, sesame oil, sesame seeds, and Braggs or plain sea salt). Had 2 fuji apples, a banana and mor cherries later, followed by cranberry/coconut trail mix and more cabbage salad. Feeling drawn to simpler foods lately and it sure saves time! (But it's alot of fun to prepare more elaborate dishes, too!). Feeling so drawn to Gabriel Cousens books now--I love that he seems to emphasize the spiritual aspects of raw/living foods and other aspects of a healthy, loving life. Hope to get some soon!

Here are some pics from today: (I feel like my camera is an extra appendage this weekend!) ;)

The river view where I ate my cherries

Frozen berry smoothie in the making...

Avocado with lemon/sea salt--
eat with a spoon...

Cabbage salad

Some wineberries I picked while weeding

Those amazing cherries...

Have a great week!

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