Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Serving Love

Feeling nice today--moving along with a gentleness and sense of surrender. It is so nice to feel in tune with my body, the things it needs and desires, the intention to serve others with love. Had a neat experience--I had just made a nice salad and a plate of tarragon pumpkin seed pate with some great raw sesame flax crackers. Enjoyed the seeds and was eating the salad when it suddenly began to taste bitter to me. I decided maybe not to eat it (but didn't want to waste it) when Danielsun came down, saying he was too hungry to sleep. I asked him to taste test if for me and he was so joyful to declare it scrumptious and to help me out by eating it! (I eat that exact same type of salad every day and love it, so it felt like it was Spirit flowing for his health and well-being. It was so sweet to know that it was just time to pass it on to him to enjoy--synchronicity.) Happy to recognize the smaller and larger ways we can trust and go with the flow in our lives. Lovely!

Here's the pics of some food from today:

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