Saturday, August 25, 2007

Lovely potluck day

Had a wonderful day today at our monthly community potluck. It was a busy day for local events (a music festival and an Arts for Peace and Justice exhibit that Daniel played music for) and some friends were away doing other things, so it was a small group but full of love! It was sweet to have more time to talk and we could actually all fit at one table for once! Afterward, we relaxed with music (and naps for some--I meditated with all my raw energy!) before a wild storm blew up. It was very exhilarating and woke us up nicely! Daniel's out with some of our friends from potluck at a drum and percussion open-mic night at Suba, a great local place with music and cultural events. 3/4 of the audience drum with those on stage--really amazing! (Not bad for Central Pa!).

Another lovely aspect of the day was the peaceful, easy feeling of moving through the day feeling so calm and centered, a joy to clean and get things ready for potluck and feeling so much energy when cleaning up afterward. I feel more drawn to keep things organized and the energy clear when I eat raw--it's delightful and I'm sure reflective of what's going on interally, manifesting outwardly. I've been eating more greens and really seeing how much better I feel when I am conscious of that. I was reading about the alkalizing effect of greens and the potential for acid pH to cause anxiety and even depression, (among, of course, many other disease states). It is such a gift to have a clear mind and great energy to share...

Here are some pics of the raw portions of the potluck. (3 or 4 of us eat raw and the rest love healthy, organic, vegan food. I love my friends so much and love to see them--it only feels like a joy to offer foods that everyone will feel nourished by and also have fun sharing new raw foods for them to try!).

Have a great day!

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Anonymous said...

Hey! I checked out your blogs and love them. The community really sounds like a place of Love, Light, and Peace. I wanted to tell you about an event. On Sept. 23 there is a global mala. All over the world, people will be creating a sunsalutation wave to energize peace on the planet. Check out to see more. Also check out "the square root of 1%" on youtube. I am so glad to know that we are not alone.
In Light,