Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Love in action

This Saturday River and I had a wonderful adventure at our local CSA, Spiral Path Farm. The CSA is such a joyful paradigm--friends who love the earth and have a gift for farming allow members to pay a fee at the beginning of the season and then we all benefit from the bounty for the rest of the year! They open their farm to visits from members for many Saturdays of the season--this was just one. We have been enjoying so many wonderful local organic treats because of their generosity.

It was a magical day and such a gift to share it with my son. He loves fruit and although he is less fond of most veggies--he ate parsley and basil right from the rows! :) It is so life-changing for children (and adults) to have a connection to the earth and the food we eat, (and so inspiring to have the opportunity when eating raw and living-foods!).

Hope you are part of many wonderful organizations like Spiral Path in your area--making a difference in eachother's lives by living our right path...


Congratulations to Angela Stokes and Matt Monarch on their engagement!! What a wonderful union!


Rediscover Raw Food said...

Just popped over to your blog after reading the encouraging comments you left for me. Your blog is very inspiring!

Anonymous said...

Hi from RFC!

What a great blog! Thanks for inviting us to check it out! Looking forward to reading more!

See you on the forum!

sketchgrrl said...

That's so cool that your son ate vegetables right from where they were growing! He was eating living foods right from the source! Your blog is beautiful and inspiring. Thanks for bringing it to the world.

Celebrating the delights of raw foods since 2001

River Sanctuary: Marykaye said...

Thanks everyone for stopping by--how exciting to have you here! I love all of your blogs and enjoy them so much, too!

Looking forward to seeing more of you and hearing of your adventures!