Thursday, September 13, 2007


Wow-it's been an interesting couple of weeks, but it feels like much longer. Dear friends came from out of town to renew their vows on the river bank and we had so much fun, but I also found myself, to my surprise, bumped right off my raw path (I woke up today bewildered on the side of the metaphorical road!).

It's all good, and it was very educational, but I've been wandering the last couple of weeks, exploring all-cooked Indian meals to 80% raw (with a cooked meal after 6pm), to now back to 100% raw and with Daniel joining me (the best scenario yet). It's amazing how quickly the energy of a raw and living foods diet affects us. I believe the burden of digestion must use up more of our bodies' resources than we might think, not to mention create some block to an effortless sense of incredible connectedness, spiritually. I felt fine initially, but after a few days found myself increasingly more irritable, foggy-minded and sleeping 8-10 hours/night again. The worst thing was feeling out of touch with intuition and higher Self, in such an egoic space. Sorry for my absence, but it felt right to hold off on blogging my experience until I knew which way was up, and I'm happy to say, 100% raw feels like the way!

My recent departure stemmed from the reality of extreme weight-loss eating raw. I think I must have gotten down to under 100 pounds (40 kg or so) and felt extremely unhealthy and a little bit concerned about what was happening to my body on the raw diet. I think I am just recognizing the benefits of this diet for those desiring weight loss, and the reminder that I can't be so cavalier about going too long without a balanced meal and plenty of fats and protein. (I'm one of those fast oxidizers per Gabriel Cousens, I think). Either way, it is lovely to be back and it feels like home to have some time (and energy :)), to read favorite raw blogs and beloved sites like RFC and Gone Raw.
Shell has a wonderful post on Synergy, shared from RFC, that says it all...

Here are some pics of some raw delights that made it through to me, even in my wanderings, and others from a delightful walk one morning when we couldn't leave for work because of a traffic tie-up where thankfully, nobody was hurt. It was great to go with the flow and share some time in nature before heading off to work for the second half of the day!

Namaste, and blessings on your journey. :)


Raw Vegan Family said...

Welcome Back! Best of luck on your re~commitment.

:) Connie

Anonymous said...

glad you're back :)
love the pic of your god-daughter in the flowers, so cute!
sending you love & blessings, Shell xoxox

Raw Vegan Family said...

We are hosting a virtual picnic to celebrate our first 4 weeks on Banana Island. RSVP at

Hope to see you there!