Thursday, September 27, 2007

Going with the flow

Had a nice day by the river--been intensely busy at work this week, so today was my day off. I've been connecting alot with friends who are also experiencing an unusual degree of busyness recently; it's interesting how we are all connected, so we can trust we will always look up and see a reflection of what we have going on inside, and with those we love. A dear friend and teacher often speaks of her practice of surrendering to whatever is happening in each moment. If it is a challenging moment, either sending love to whatever is arising, recognizing it as an aspect of herself, a projection, or praying for healing of the emotion and then sending that healing and a desire for happiness to all beings. I think that is lovely, and have been remembering to do that as well, with more success the past few days. Also remembering to picture us all happy and well and hold those images in my mind to invite them. I've been so grateful for peaceful moments with family throughout the week too.

I felt a real desire to clean and reorganize our living space today--feels so peaceful now... I had a great day, but after dinner am feeling a little less integrated. I've been losing so much weight eating raw (but feeling so good otherwise), that I've decided it does feel right (for today, one day at a time) to eat raw all day and then have a healthy, lightly cooked vegan meal in the evenings with my family (trying to only offer quinoa, sprouted grains and veggies). I love the advice to trust our bodies and flow with eating raw as it feels most natural; I could see that this might work best for me or be temporary and lead naturally to 100% again as I flow and grow as a spiritual being in human form. (The truth is, I feel so great when I eat raw all week and then always feel a little funky by the third day eating cooked. However, it feels like it takes some pressure off to not have to work so hard to maintain weight and think about it so much, and to have some healthy things for my son and in-laws to share to eat.).

I think so much of how we feel is what we believe about it, that all of our experiences are so sacred, especially if we are mindful as it all arises. It's been so nice hearing from you guys on the blog, and I've been enjoying your posts so much! Happiness and blessings to you on your journey, each day...

Marykaye :)

Here are some raw pics from the week:

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