Thursday, October 11, 2007

Still here...

I'm still here and flowing into the cooler fall weather.  Not sure why, but I've been feeling some aversion to the idea of raw entrees, although "greens, greens, greens" are my mantra and my intention.  

Some random thoughts from the last couple of weeks:
I found a neat article on greens and why to stay raw that I found interesting and helpful. Daniel had an inspiring weekend "Smoothie Extravaganza", and I posted a great recipe he created for a low-sugar green smoothie on Gone Raw here. Some lovely posts by Keiko Cacao Ti on Love and Gratitude have lifted me up.

It's been so busy around here lately, with the Little Buffalo Festival, events like the drum circle and clearing out the house, open to living in community again...

Here are some pics of the festival, with friends Lara and Josh leading the children's parade... Lara did an amazing Fire Dance at the end (I'll post a movie of it as soon as I get it onto the computer) while Daniel and many other wonderful musicians shared their musical gifts in a lovely synergy. The park has a great stage in a valley embraced by rolling green hills and trees all around, with a peaceful lake just above the valley, waiting to be discovered at the top of the hill in the second picture. (It was a fun adventure to trek with River to the top of the landing and beyond up into the woods, only to wind down a quiet path through the forest and back down behind the stage.). The event had many other great workshops on alternative energy, creative expression and yoga, and the best part of all was that it was free and organized by local artists and musicians.

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Hope you all are well and holding images in your mind of your highest Self and greatest happiness for you, your family and community...


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Raw Vegan Family said...

What a lovely gathering! You are very lucky to have such events available. :-)

Happy Day!